The Secret

"You'll be a man when we share the same secrets"

These are the works spoken to son, Louis Raison, by his father. In this eyes, no secret was more important than the cidre making process, and he shared his passion and expertise with his son.

The story starts in 1923, when Louis Raison's father began to craft his own cidre  top perpetuate the French secular tradition of cidre making. In 1934, at the age of 14, son Louis started his apprenticeship and learned the secrets of cidre making from his father. In 1945 , immediately following the war, Louis succeded his father at the head of the company. He was the very first cidre master to bottle and popluarize cidre across France.


Louis Raison has since become the market lead in France and has spread all around the world, thanks to the passion and dedication of every worker in the cider house.

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